An Introduction to Moral Principles and Situational Ethics

From a presentation to the Melbourne Unitarian Church Philosophy Discussion Group, September 8, 2002


Whilst the definition of morals derives from the Latin 'moralis', meaning 'custom', contemporary useage describes it as the judgement by which the goodness/evilness of a human action may be ascertained.

Note 'human action' - it is not possible to describe the actions of non-reasoning animals as moral. Animals are described as 'amoral', as distinct from human actions which are 'moral' or 'immoral'.

Liberal Islam

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Subject: Liberal Islam
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East Timor: From Resistance to Independence

It is only necessary here to provide a capsule history of East Timor as nearly all present will be aware of most of contemporary history. Briefly
then, it is recorded that the Belu Tetun paid tribute to China before 1566, when Portuguese Domincans arrived. The Belu Tetun, "people of the
plains" had established a kingdom over most of the isle under the liurais or kings.


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