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Truth, Dissonance and Reason

Presentation to the Melbourne Philosophy Forum : February 6, 2011

1. Logic, Truth and Sincerity

1.1 Truth is usually expressed in a three-fold manner. Statements which are logically consistent are often referred to as true; for example truth tables. This is despite the fact that logic and mathematics are quasi-empirical at best. More commonly there is one refers to factuality and the other to sincerity. The antithesis of these statements is the illogical, the false (wrong), and the insincere (more commonly called 'lying').

Russia: Successes and Failure

Service (opening words, reading, closing words) to an address by Marion Harper, Melbourne Unitarian Church January 30, 2011.

Please note that these words were censored from the church website by the Church Committee of Management.

Opening Words

Wikileaks: The Free and Responsible Search for Truth

Address to the Melbourne Unitarian Church, January 16, 2011

Ignorant, Dangerous, and Organised

Recently a PEW study surprised many by its announcement that most atheists know more about religion that those of strong belief, despite the fact that a majority consider religion to be "very important" to their lives. In other surprise figures, a sizeable minority of Protestants cannot name the gospels and a similar figure of Catholics are unaware of the sacrament of transubstantiation.

Representation and Local Government - How Should We Elect Our Councillors?

Service to an address by Lyle Allen, December 12, 2010

Opening Words

Teleology and Free Will

Presentation to the Melbourne Philosophy Forum, 7th of November, 2010

1.0 Teleology; Intrinsic and Extrinsic

Climate Change Policy

Service (opening words, reading, closing words) to an address by Kelvin Thomson, Federal Member for Wills. October 31, 2010

Opening Words

September 11 and Religion

The Los Angeles Times has reported Obama's speech for 9-11, where he claims that it was the perversion of religion, rather religion itself that was the cause of terrorism. This is a challenging statement and whilst politically expedient, it certainly should be subject to scrutiny. After all, it is often in the name of religious justifications that some of the greatest secular crimes have occurred.

Strangers, Sojourners, and Commonwealth

A Moment Wisdom Of From The Torah ...

Originally this address was going to be on the Australia's Future Tax System Review, more commonly known as the Henry Review, and in particular on the subject of the mining tax which has generated significant public debate. However as events have taken their own priority, as they often do, an opportunity has arisen to take a step back and look at the entire package within the context of public finance and draw a parallel with a wisdom found in first books of of the Christian Bible or the Jewish Torah.

Homer's Odyssey: The Myth of The West

Presentation to the Melbourne Philosophy Forum, 5th of September, 2010


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