Beyond Zero Emmissions

Service for Peter Castaldo's address on Beyond Zero Emmissions, Melbourne Unitarian Church, Sunday 9th June, 2012

Opening Words

Science fiction author Ray Bradbury died this week. A regular attender and presenter at American Unitarian-Universalist churchers, he was one of the most celebrated writers of speculative fiction, and a recipient of the the Congressional Medal of Honour. Some people (not safe for work) have described him as the 'greatest science fiction writer in history'.

Celtic History and Mysteries

Presentation to the Melbourne Interfaith Philosophers in conjunction with the Coven of the Eternal Goddess, May 14, 2012

1. Who Are The Celts?

Before one can engage in any sensible discussion of Celtic "histories and mysteries", one needs to establish a working definition of who the Celts are. As with all definitions of nationalism there are three main approaches. The first recorded use of the word "Celts" (Keltoi) to refer to an ethnic group was by Hecataeus of Miletus, the Greek geographer, in 517 BCE.

1.1 "Blood and Soil"

Ex nihilo nihil fit

Ex nihilo nihil fit: Why Is There Something Rather than Nothing?

Presentation to the Unitarian Philosophy Forum, Sunday May 6, 2012

1.0 Historical Approaches to Nothing

Great Unitarian Political Leaders of Australia and New Zealand

Address at the Melbourne Unitarian Church, Sunday, April 8, 2012

The toxic link between compulsory superannuation, PPPs and infrasturcture priorities

Service for the address by Kenneth Davidson's to the Melbourne Unitarian Church, Sunday March 4, 2012

Opening Words

The Philosophy of History

Presentation to The Philosophy Forum, March 4, 2012

What experience and history teach is this — that nations and governments have never learned anything from history, or acted upon any lessons they might have drawn from it.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Lectures on the Philosophy of History (1832)

1. Meta-narratives

Is Anybody Out There? Little Green Men and the Fermi Paradox

The Christian holiday of Christmas is a story which has several supernatural miracles which nearly here should find improbable, if not impossible. But many years ago, when I barely an adolescent, I had a discussion with a much older adult of a fundamentalist Christian religious persuasion. They were most distraught with a newspaper report at the time which stated that most high-school students thought that the alleged miraculous conception of Jesus, the appearance of angels and the ascension to the heavens could be explained by alien visitation.

Is Anybody Out There? Little Green Men and the Fermi Paradox

Address to the Melbourne Unitarian Church, Sunday December 11, 2011

Leonard Felder: The Ten Challenges (The First Challenge)

The attempted reconstruction of the absolute dictates commonly associated as the Ten Commandments to procedurally based orientations as the Ten Challenges begins with "a request from God whether we believe in and want to be partners with the Infinite One". Immediately Felder establishes a dichotomy between the "skeptical" Freud, drawing from a rather bombastic quote from "The Future of An Illusion" and the "curious" Jung and James. It is a rather unfair start as Freud updated his thoughts on the matter a few years later in "Civilization and Its Discontents", especially with an exploration of the 'oceanic feeling'. Although he considered it resulting from an infantile pre-ego experiences, he accepted its existence and potentially its value (he claimed that he had no experience of it himself).

Crito Review

The opening of Crito, the third dialogue of the last days of Socrates, involves the appearance of the title character at Socrates' prison cell before dawn, having "done a kindness" to the warden and gained ingress. Crito does not initially awake Socrates for he is in such a peaceful slumber given the burden he bears. As with the Apology, Socrates again mentions that at his age death should not be something that someone at his age should be worried about. In any case, Socrates has dreamt that on the third day a ship from Delos will arrive and that will be when he dies.


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