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Existentialist Aesthetics and Mimetic Cinema

As a modern philosophical term, "aesthetics" includes theories of perception, and judgment of beauty as well as the implementation of the same through works of art in an objective sense, or to sensual experientialism in the subjective. Of all schools of philosophy the existentialists, both in theory and practise, have made significant the most significant contribution to aesthetics, indeed often the philosophical contribution is expressed almost entirely in through the aesthetic expression.

The New Seminary Hinduism Assignment

The "four desires" of Hinduism is normally interpreted as the puru??rtha [1] (purusha; god, human., artha, object and objective), the objectives of human. These are normally considered within four types; Dharma, Artha, K?ma, and Mok?ha. Dharma suggests devotion to the natural and moral laws (rta) which has conceptual similarity to the Chinese notion of dao, or the European logos. In comparison Artha suggests properity, in the sense of both material well-being as well as reputation and social standing.

Why Freedom, Reason, Dissent and Skepticism Matter

Service for Nigel Sinnott's Address to the Melbourne Unitarian Church, Sunday October 9, 2011

Opening Words

Dr. Diane Ackerman (born October 7, 1948 in Waukegan, Illinois) is an American author, poet, and naturalist known best for her work A Natural History of the Senses. She has taught at various universities, including Columbia and Cornell,

School Prayer --by Diane Ackerman

In the name of the daybreak
and the eyelids of morning
and the wayfaring moon
and the night when it departs.

Difficult Choices: The Morality and Politics of Humanitarian Intervention

Address to the Melbourne Unitarian Church, Sunday 2nd October, 2011

Review "To Be Or To Become: The Emzine Dialogue"

'To Be or To Become: The Emzine Dialogue' by Dr. Marc van der Erve is "a new and unifying theory of our world that goes beyond present-day science and religion." The author's academic background is in applied physics (bachelor's degree) and sociology (doctorate), with employment in various managerial roles in organisations such as Xerox, DEC and KPMG and more recently in leadership consulting.

Machines That Think: From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Consciousness?

Presentation to The Philosophy Forum September 4, 2011

The Pursuit of Happiness

Presentation to the Melbourne Philosophy Forum, August 7th, 2011

1. Typical Definitions of Happiness
1.1 the quality or state of being happy, good fortune; pleasure; contentment; joy. (e.g., from Collins English Dictionary)
1.2 Origin (hap + y) 1150–1200; Middle English 1.3 Perspectives of "happiness" can come from religious, philosophical, psychological and economic viewpoints - plus a fairly unique revealed here.

The Existentialism of Hannah Arendt

Presentation to the Melbourne Existentialist Society, August 2nd, 2011

The Soul of the Machines: From Artificial Intelligence to Artificial Consciousness

It is not uncommon for advocates to argue that the production of an sufficiently large expert rules based system will provide the sufficient and necessary requirements for 'strong' artificial intelligence. In recent days, attempts in this direction were made not by inorganic computational capacity, but rather with the development of a neural network using DNA.

Energy Alternatives After Fukushima

Service at the Melbourne Unitarian Church, July 1st, 2011

Nota bene: These are the opening words, reading and closing words that I selected for a speaker on the topic above. As it turned out they were given by another members as the speaker did not attend and I gave an address on the Rejection of Imposed Authority, Divine or Human

Opening Words

2006 Statement of Conscience from the Unitarian-Universalist Association on the Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change


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